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    SIA Close Protection Level 3
    Our course is compliant to the UK SIA specifications
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    Basic Firearms Course (BFC)
    Led by licenced Specialist Law Enforcement personnel
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    Medicine In Remote Areas (MIRA)
    Pre-Hospital care in hostile and remote areas

Providing Professionals

Our Vision

“To be acknowledged as the trusted team for the recruitment and training of Balkan Security professionals with the guaranteed expertise to consistently deliver optimum results for both our clients and candidates”


About BSR

Welcome to the Balkan Security Group, which was established in 2015 to meet the clear need to improve the recruiting practices for Balkan Security Professionals in the High Risk Personal Protection Industry.

Our Purpose:

BSG is in business to facilitate the movement of Balkan Security Professionals into the open market thereby gaining fair compensation and job satisfaction. Our clients will gain trustworthy, loyal security experts who will always deliver top quality service no matter what the circumstances.

We are dedicated to seeking out, screening and training to UK SIA, or other client requested Standards, suitably experienced ex-army, counter terrorism or police force personnel. Once trained we will deploy them, with all necessary ongoing support, to private security companies across the Middle East and Africa.

Our Vision:

To be acknowledged by 2018 as the trusted team for the recruitment and training of Balkan Security professionals with the guaranteed expertise to consistently deliver optimum results for both our clients and candidates.

 We have developed our recruitment services to be centred around our clients' needs, providing not only suitably qualified candidates but also those who are the best fit for the company and position. One of the key aspects of our recruitment services is the quality of our team that are here to work with your business. With a wealth of experience working in high threat environments we all fully understand the needs of our clients and know the challenges, competition and the current market situation.

 This deep understanding of the industry and dedication to customer satisfaction is just one aspect that will separate us from other recruitment consultancies.

Our Core values:

Integrity, Quality and Collaboration: We place immense value on the quality of our client relationships and the spirit of collaboration we are entrusted with and this philosophy is what our recruitment service is being built upon. With unique access to specialist candidates in the Balkans we take the time to find not only the most skilled personnel available but also candidates with the potential to develop and thrive in your work environment. If we cannot deliver the right person we will be open, honest and timely in that feedback and work with our clients to reach the best possible agreed outcome.

Our Strategic and operational priorities:

We will maintain our reputation by stringent recruitment criteria, thorough pre-screening and training, by never committing the wrong person to work on our Clients operations. We will never charge candidates for finding them a job, and will ultimately eliminate from the Balkans, the widespread, unethical and illegal practice of charging candidates for finding a position. Our candidates are encouraged to report such practices to the authorities in their home countries or to us for action.

Our Brand promise:

We promise to provide top quality personnel at a fair price, on time, every time. Our candidates will be inspired to offer excellent service and thereby improve our reputation as the Balkan Recruiter of choice.

Our Leadership behaviours:

BSR Leaders are expected to demonstrate respect for individuals, a drive to succeed, uncompromising ethical behaviour and flexibility, even in difficult times.


Iz moga iskustva mogu da kažem da se radi o veoma profesionalnoj i ozbiljnoj agenciji. Kod njih sam stekao tražene i respektabilne sertifikate koje su potrebne za rad u privatnoj industriji za obezbedjenje. Nakon svega desetak dana od završetka kursa dobio sam ponudu za posao od CRG, zahvaljujući preporukam koje je BSR prosljedio toj kompaniji.

thumb Dario S

One of the best recruiting companies in the Eastern Europe(Or may be the best)! All the time during the vetting process from the client, David update the choosen future employees with correct information, support with additional courses, even negotiate with the Client for some unreasonable requirements and finaly the only thing what left for You is just to fit the Client requirements... with history and sertificates.

thumb Lubomir G

Quality trainings, excellent organization. Excellent working conditions. BSA provides the best skills and knowledge to meet the needs of our future jobs and to develop further our careers. Post training job search and support provided. I am very satisfied with choosing BSA as a training provider. Best regards to all.

thumb David M.

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